Sunday, June 19, 2011


You know - I love facebook. I love being able to keep up with peeps from home and friends and family and let others keep up with me. I log on several times a day, as it is my only source of communication with most people. Yesterday I took about an hour nap and after I woke up I was reading through some updates and I saw a post that made my heart drop. I immediately called to my husband and we tried to make sense out of it and put pieces together. When I came up still unsure of what I was seeing, I made a phone call which confirmed the devastating news among our church family where we served at during Bible College.
Johnny and his wife Tana were saved a few years ago and served the Lord faithfully at Tabernacle BC in Arlington. They have 3 children.... and now those children are left with out a mother. There was a shooting spree which left 3 people dead. Johnny was shot in the neck- but alive and his sister was also murdered along with her friend. She had 5 children. Her children are left with out a mother. Her husband is responsible for the massacre.
My heart is broken. I feel sick every time I think about it. I think of these children who heard their parents murdered. I think of them running to see what was happening and seeing their moms bleeding on the ground. I wonder how does one recover from that?
I am struggling with this. I know there has to be a reason. That's what everyone says. I just don't understand the will of 8 children left with out a mother. I just don't understand the many lives shattered through this senseless crime. I just don't understand why God would allow this to happen. I know it's not for me to question and I also know feathers get ruffled and high horses are mounted when some stop and question God, but I do and I am not afraid to say so.
God knows my hearts intent isn't to be malicious in questioning. I am sincerely bothered by it, and I may never know the reason- but I do know that there is an entire clan hurting beyond words tonight. There is a little church in Texas who lost 2 young mothers. There are 8 children ranging in ages from 12-1 who have to bury their aunt and their mother. There is a father who has to raise 3 small children by himself. There are 5 other children who don't have dad and now mom is longer here. What will happen to them? There is a Pastor who has to try to answer the "WHY" question. Pray with me. Pray for the Todd/ King families. Pray for these precious children. Pray for Johnny the lone survivor in the rampage. Pray for TBC. Oh my soul- please just pray.


Valerie said...

I'm just sick reading this. This makes me so sad. I just had a pastor's wife friend who lost a baby due to SIDS. He was adopted, because she's only been able to bear one child in about 18 years. He died five days after the paperwork made him legally theirs. I could NOT understand that, and still can't. I've been doing my own questioning, too. I understand your questioning this. An evangelist reminded me years ago that Jesus questioned God while He suffered on the cross, "My God, my God, why hast thou forsaken me?" And Jesus WAS God. So I believe that tearful questions from sinful, finite humans are not wrong. The Lord remembers we are dust. I am going to pray for you as you deal with this, and for the families. Satan wants to distract and discourage us, Traci, I think because we're full time ministry and folks are watching us. Let's lift each other up and let God fight the Devil for us on this one? What do you think? I could sure use the prayers.
Thanks for sharing your heart. And sorry for writing a book.

Tori said...

Oh wow, we just got this on the prayer chain and couldn't believe it. Then I saw your post and I'm so sorry. Sorry for this family that's now shattered and so sorry for those who loved them.

I know that sometimes there are things that happen that we just don't understand and I can see why some would question God but as His servants we have to be careful to remember that the pain and suffering in this world isn't God's fault or doing but it's the price that sin has taken on our world. We live in a deprived world. God gave us the free will to choose and sadly this is the state we have gotten ourselves into. Remember that God does not cause the bad things to happen they happen because of the free will He has given man, when they do happen be sure that He grieves along with us and more so for they were his creation and many times children.
I know how much you are hurting but try to remember that God is good all the time and all the time God is good!!! If this isn't true (it is) but if that truth isn't true than what is and what kind of god do we serve.
I'm praying for this family and those that were affected by this tragedy. I know there will be many questions and the answers we give as God's representatives will make all the difference in the hearts of the lost.
Praying for you!!!

Tori said...

Hey Girl, I've been waiting for a post patiently since you had guests, but enough's enough, bring on the posts!!
Miss ya