Yours Truly

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I am a wife, mom, home-school teacher, missionary and servant of the Lord Jesus Christ in Croatia. I am about as 'imperfect' as they come, though I try very hard :)
I am not really into writing a bio or sharing myself with people. I am kinda reserved that way, but if you are  interested in who I am- follow my blog. I do enjoy writing and used to do it all the time. I express myself best with penned words from my heart, whether they be from a heavy heart or a joyous heart. I once had a passion for writing and I hope maybe that passion can be restored somehow.

Some things I love- walks in the rain, thunderstorms, the ocean, boats, shopping, shoes, cooking, sand in my toes, skiing, sledding, snowball fights (can you tell I love the snow?), naps, best friends, new friends, learning new things, Spring nights, autumn leaves, fresh air, cuddling, good books, new cookbooks, laughing so hard my stomach aches and cheeks burn. I don't think there is a better feeling in the world!

Some things I hate- all bugs except ladybugs, rodents, reptiles, creepy crawly things, dark alleys, lies, bad drivers, slow computers, seafood and the smell of it, vulnerability and raw emotions, Mr. Sun and hot summer days, flying, port-a-potties, dust bunnies, long lines and cleaning out the refrigerator.

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