Saturday, April 30, 2011

No raindrops on my head

Well the gray skies were smiling at us this week. The Lord held the rain off at precisely the same time everyday for us to get our 4 mile walk in. Yes. I actually prayed for this and am tickled that something so absurd- God answered!

This week I walked 20 miles...
LilySlim Fitness goals tickers

I told Kristina that we need to up our walk to 5 miles 5x a week, thus resulting in 100 miles a month! She's game, so I am excited for that in 2 weeks :) Oh, and talk about utilizing our time well... we started taking a Croatian vocabulary list with us and using about an hour to memorize words!

Because of the rainy weather every single day I did not ride my bike so much.
Only 8 miles. Oh well. Se la vi.
LilySlim Fitness goals tickers

My workouts were down too because this week has been so busy with the extra kids running around and errands and chores so only 1 bar method workout :( I missed it immensely too! I am not a fan of workouts so much, but I really dig this one and how I feel after I complete it. To make up for my slackness this week... I have a goal of 5 workouts next week! It's a challenge, but I am so up for it.

My inches are next week (good thing!)
And finally, nothing significant, but am happy I did not gain and lost a little something!
I am down 2 more pounds.
LilySlim Fitness goals tickers

Outside the rain is falling hard, disrupting my plans of going to the open market. I have 4 boys asleep in my living room, preventing me from being lazy in the recliner watching an episode of Ultimate Cake Off. Hubby is studying in the office so I can't knock out of those 5 workouts for the week. I do still have a pile of clothes staring accusingly at me and a small mound of laundry begging for attention. Sadly, all I feel like doing is laying here watching and listening to the rain fall. Oh well...heigh-ho!

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Tori said...

Hooray for Traci!!!!
11 lbs. is awesome!!!

Keep it up girl and get good at it so I can come home and you can coach me!!!!

Love ya!