Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Mid-week Crisis

Ok, it really is not that bad, but I feel like I have been hit by a bus. To start with- I have eaten pasta on Monday, more on Tuesday and a ton of bread also. BIG RED X! Ugh-I so don't want to think about weigh day! Then I feel like someone sucked the life right out of me. It takes so much effort to do the simplest task and my brain is in a constant fog this week. I have to take some time to refocus, regroup and refresh.
Maybe its the upcoming day to honor our Mothers that has got me so down. Maybe its the fact I have not been feeling real well lately. Maybe its the fact I am ABSOLUTELY starving(which no doubt is a direct result of my poor eating this week)Maybe its the battles of life on the field. Maybe its the humdrum of everyday life. Maybe it's something more. Maybe its nothing at all.

When we are down though, God lifts us up! God has sent me some fabulous encouragement this week in such amazing ways. The first was in the form of a letter from one of our supporting churches Pastors wife. They were missionaries at one time and faced what seemed more valleys than mountain tops and the letter came in perfect timing. God's perfect timing! The second came in the form of a phone call from someone very close to me. I can't divulge the details just yet, but it was nothing short of God's giant bear hug and sometimes I am just in awe of the things He does. Not that it should ever come as a surprise, but I think- who am I that he would answer the desire and prayer of my wicked heart?! And finally I am going to Venice! For what ever reason ever since I was a little girl, I always wanted to visit Italy ...Venice in particular. Perhaps its the hopeless romantic in me but it was definately one of the top 5 things on my bucket list and I am looking forward to the very small getaway. We have friends in Slovenia who are less than 2 hours from Venice. Sunday night after church we are going to drive the two and half hours to their house and then we are all going to go on Monday and hang out with them for a few days. Everyone needs a little time away...sometimes.

So yeah, as you see there really is no crisis. In my pathetic little mind there is havoc, but that's nothing new. But even in the midst of an all-in-your-head-crisis, God is there dragging me (literally) through the day and wrapping his loving, gracious arms around my by night, gently reminding me that it's ok. It really is ok.

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Tori said...

Wow your posts are getting way too deep for me,
"Maybe it's something more. Maybe its nothing at all."

Anyhow, I'm glad you still have a great outlook on things. I have days like that when I'm just blahhhh, actually not lately because I don't have time for those sort of days but I have before.

I'm super excited that your trip to Venice has become a few days now. Good for y'all!! Enjoy and take photos to post to your blog so I can share in the happiness.

Anyhow, I'm glad the crisis was averted. Hang in there!!!!
Love ya!