Friday, March 25, 2011

Step away from the krafne!

It's an inside joke really, but I will let you in on it :) I am a habitual dieter and last year sometime on one of my endeavors to drop some pounds, I was grocery shopping with Tori (another missionary wife in Croatia, who is on furlough and I miss very much) Anyway we walked past the bread area and I spotted a chocolate covered krafne - which is as close to a doughnut you will get in Croatia. No doubt she spotted the drool seeping out of the corner of my mouth and told me "Traci, step away from the krafne". Which I did. Yay for me! Well everytime I see the krafne it makes me think of that day and everytime I try to overcome the temptation to eat a whole box of little cream puffs I tell myself "step away from the krafne".
So here I go on another one of famous escapades for weight-loss. I started with kicking my coke habit. That's coca-a-cola people... come on! And I am 5 days in and surprisingly doing very well. I drink about 4 liters of water a day and have been going on 6 mile bike rides. All alone. I sure miss Tori, for more reasons than one, but she was my partner and biggest cheerleader. We would go on 14 mile *GASP* bike rides and 4-6 mile walks through fields, down weird streets and along the highway, getting fit and building a wonderful friendship. As I dropped weight and excitedly reported to my friend she always had encouraging words and would get just as excited for me as I was for myself. But now she is gone and I am my own cheerleader. So I thought I would dub Fridays as "Weigh-In Day" for all the world to see. No, I am not going to actually tell you my weight, but I will tell you if I lost or gained and how much. Maybe I can find some new cheerleaders to woo me on.

I think I have every exercise DVD ever, but my exercise of choice is 'The Bar Method.' I absolutely love this workout, combined with my cardio of riding and all my water and lots of fresh veggies and fruits -I am well on my way. Here we go again!


Tori said...

Oh wow, what a nice post. I feel so special even though the post wasn't about me it kinda was and it's so nice to be missed.
Okay so you are on your way and Friday is your WI day so where's the -/+ lb.?
You're gonna make me get with it here in the states. My WW feel away as soon as we took off and started all the conferences. I am about sick of my self and I need to jump on again.

YEA FOR YOU!!! 6 miles a day is AWESOME!!!!

123angeleyz said...

cute story traci! i'll be checking each week to see your progress!! i know you can do it!! love you! ooxx