Thursday, March 31, 2011


Well I am just bubbled over with emotion of the salvation of Ian! He was one of Scott's "best friends" growing up. The lived a life of sin and after Scott got saved he always talked to Ian about the Lord and told him what he needed to do but Ian never would take that step of faith. Through the years Scott maintained a friendship with him from a distance and they would have hours long conversations about the Lord never resulting in a decision for Christ., but Praise the Lord for the planted seed that has finally sprouted!!
Today our phone rang 3 different times with missed calls from him. At midnight(here) the phone rang again and I answered it and heard Ians loud voice proclaim "Whats up traci!" We made small talk for a second and there was something different in voice. Something so very different from the Ian I have known for the last 16 years. I asked him how he was and he answered " Traci I am so much better now that I found the Lord!" WHAT?!!!? He said, "yes I am sooo much better!" I wanted to shout but I quickly passed the phone off to my husband so I didn't spoil the big news his friend has been dying to share with him all day! So I sit here with tears, because I know the heart of my husband about his dear friend from so long ago and by Ians own words he said " I can't believe it took me so long to see the light!" Isn't that how it is with alot who get saved? They hear it and hear it and one day God does something so miraculous in their life and they believe in their heart and for the first time they "get it!" And man, when they do! It's awesome to see!! So I so happy for Ian and his wife and his family and excited to see what God does in their life from here on out! Can someone say HALLELUIAH!

HA! This is Scott and Ian about 12-ish years ago. :) What bozos standing in the pouring rain for a picture!~

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Tori said...

No way!! Wow, I can say hallelujah!! Wow, God is so good. I bet Bro. Scott is on cloud 9. I know he doesn't get that excited but I bet this worked him up a bit.

We're so glad for Ian and Scott. Praise the Lord!!!