Thursday, March 31, 2011

dun, dun, dun...

I would like to say I am still coke-free 12 days later :) Despite that awesome fact and the 12 miles I rode this week, and the 20+ liters of water I drank this week, which cause my eyeballs to float (and my bladder to remind me every 5 minutes it seems!), I was still totally dreading stepping on the scale. My eating has not been that great this week. We have a Bible conference going on and alot of sweet cake-y stuff to fellowship with during our break and afterward, which holds us over until dinner at 830-900 pm every night, so I just knew there was going to be a few pounds more displayed on my glass accuser this morning. Not so! I am happy (and slightly shocked)to report I have lost 3 pounds!

This week is going to much better. The hardest thing about all of it is having to go at it alone. Either I make everyone 'enjoy' it with me, or I have to make 2 separate meals everyday. BOO! When my kids hear I am on (another!) diet they cringe. They whine and carry on, geez you would think I was making them eat leaves or something.
Diet and exercise is not all about losing weight, it is about eating better and being healthy and in shape. Almost everyone could stand to improve in that, right?!

There is this fruit fast and detox I am looking so forward to doing. I am so glad it is Spring, because unlike most, I can not run to Wal-mart and pick from the wide array of fruits and veggies that have been imported from every corner of the world on a any given day of the week. Nooo, I actually have to wait until they are in season in my part of the world to find them on my grocer's shelves! The trees are beginning to bloom and the grass is so green and I know that means berries, cantaloupe and watermelon are on the way and I am excited about that. Really excited!

Give me an F
Give me an I
Give me a V
Give me an E
...whats that spell!??!
I have a goal of 5 pounds this week and I am confident I can do it! Let's go Team Traci!!! Woooo-hoo!!! Hey, give me a break, I am my only cheerleader! :) :) :)

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Tori said...

No you're not your only cheerleader! I'm over here cheering for you too.

3 lbs. is awesome and 5 will be no big deal for you.