Thursday, August 25, 2011


Ok so I couldn't keep it to myself... After 3 full days on this diet, I am down 6 pounds! 6 pounds! SO I am presently in the lead and I feeling great about the whole thing. The meals have been super easy and surprisingly delicious. The first time I made a Kefir smoothie, I wrinkled my nose I thought "I will never be able to drink this everyday". But then I added about a half teaspoon of Truvia and stirred it up and tasted it and it was delicious! And where I thought I couldn't handle eating a half of grapefruit, I was pleasantly surprised at the fact I liked it. After all these years and repeated failed attempts at trying a grapefruit, its a must on my grocery list from now on! Anyway 2 weeks from today, I will revealing the grand total loss and the winner of our challenge. All I can say is, Scott better step up his game. :)


Anonymous said...

Yay! I just wish I had your will-power. The one way I like to eat grapefruit is to peel everything off and just eat the pulp. Does it go into the smoothie? Damara

Tori said...

Okay so you've been on the diet for 17 days and your starting the next 17 or how does that work?

BTW, 6 lbs. in 3 days is awesome! GO TRACI GO!!!

Anonymous said...

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