Monday, August 22, 2011

just about half way

Yes, our BLC is almost half way over and in case you haven't noticed I have been pretty quiet about the whole thing. Reason being--- I think I am losing!! That's ok though because I am one of those kind of people who waited till the night before a big project was due to before I poured my heart into it and then aced it. I can easily be defined as 'world's greatest procrastinator', but I work well under pressure and always finish strong, as so I will with this challenge.

I started the "17 day diet" today and there just so happens to be 17 days left in the challenge. As with any new diet, I am excited about it. My aunt sent me the book and I have read through it twice. Some things actually make sense! hehe Anyway the meals are totally doable and easy. I was even able to find Kefir and acidolphius milk here in Croatia and I almost shouted in the grocery store because I was super stoked about this. What are they? I have no idea, but some of my snacks and breakfasts call for them. Mainly they are used in smoothies and since I am such a fan of smoothies this makes me happy. :)

Anyway that's all going on with that. We have the annual Špancirfest in Varaždin, but as hot as it is going to be this week and my diet I am staying far away this year. We did go check it Friday night and then a church wide tract attack on Saturday- so I saw and now I am done. Some of the guys will be standing in the square handing out tracts daily this week and I am content to just stay home and pray for them.

Unless I get really fantastic results, that I just can't keep to myself, after a week on this diet- I am not going to mention it again until after the 17 days and the end of the challenge. I am still holding out hope for a victory, because I can't bear the thought of changing the living room. If I was a good wife, there wouldn't even be a question... I would just move it back to please my husband, however, if you saw it you would understand- I promise.

I keep trying to lose weight... but it keeps finding me! ~Author Unknown

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Tori said...

First of all, love the new look! Fall, yea! My fav. time of year.

HANG IN THERE GIRLLY! You can do it! I have faith! The females must win!

Okay so that's my pep-talk for ya, hope it helped. BTW, 17 days is a like maybe 5 lbs, that's huge!

Looking forward to the results.

Oh yea and I'm so glad I'm not there to go to Spancirfest, I don't think I could resist the yummies!