Friday, August 5, 2011

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It's been a while and I do have an excuse (don't we all!?). The summer has been a whirlwind and I am ecstatic to look at the calendar and know we are moving into the second week of August!! I look forward to fall- it's my favorite time of year...not just because of the weather, but for some strange reason I can associate many happy memories from my childhood and younger years with that season. It makes me nostalgic and I like that - for the most part!

So we had visitors all summer it seems and lots of things going on. We bid farewell to the last of them on Wednesday evening and things seemed strange on Thursday. There was a different feel in the air. As we were leaving them at the train station and driving away Scott turned to me and said "What if they were the only Americans we had?" I thought about that for a second and tried to figure out exactly what he was asking and I realized he meant if that's all we had of Americans in our life, it would be a doubly sad day to see them leave. With that simple thought, it made me super grateful that we do have other Americans around to fellowship with it and work with for now, because I couldn't imagine what life would be like without them at this point and leading up to today. God would still be good and sufficient even if we were alone, however, it's those little "cherry on top" things that make everything so much sweeter.

So we had "Family and Friend Day" in our Varždin church last Sunday. We had 2 first time visitors and 2 returning visitors and all our people. 1 visitor named Elvis was saved. He is 28 years old. It was a great day and the Lord blessed it!

Our Biggest Loser Challenge (between me & Scott) officially starts Monday. It was supposed to start last Monday, but as he sat in the middle of our town square chowing down a box of french fires and greasy, nasty sausage thing I thought to myself- I am so gonna win this thing! When our company leaves we will start, he says. HA! 30 day's in the bag-I am so gonna win this thing!!! Stayed tuned for my weekly victory posts :) I better be careful, huh? Pride goeth before

Kristina and I bought some walking sticks to power up our daily 4-mile walks. The first time we used them, I, no doubt, KNOW we looked ridiculous. Neither one of us ever used them before nor had we taken the time to google the correct use of them so off we went clanking along our trail. She looked like a blind person leading the way with her sticks extended in front of her and I looked like a clumsy beginner skier on the bunny slope with my arms at a weird angle! We had a great laugh at ourselves along the way and figured out how to correctly use them. The rest of the week was much easier and what a difference they make!! Not only do you work your core, because unconsciously you pull your abs in, but your posture is improved because you are forced to stand upright. You are working your arms with every step and for some reason you walk at a faster pace. We shaved almost 15 minutes off our overall time and we were both winded and dripping sweat each day and feel the soreness from using them in our arms and legs.
I love them!!

So that's the news from Croatia. I have several burdens in my heart that the Lord knows all about and would covet your prayers at this time (and all the time! )


Tori said...

Oh my goodness, I wish I had been there to see you two walking with those sticks! HA!!!
We sure miss you guys, can't wait to get home. Enjoy your quiet time!

Valerie said...

What a blessing to have friends! It seems the Lord allows missionaries to pass through just when I need some fellowship. :)
I have never heard of those sticks! How neat!