Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Venice... and Slovenia

Ok, so as I stated before I have always wanted to go to Venice and I had this idea of what I imagined it to be already in my head. When I stepped off the water taxi and took in Venice for the first time I was captivated. The buildings, the canals, the people, the culture... it all sucked me in and my heart skipped a beat. I was in love. Head over heels in love. As I wandered about the city I was in awe of the architecture and the homes and the way of life. I was beaming so much, I almost cried for my heart was bursting with happiness and joy. I was thankful. I was thankful for a selfish desire of my heart to be granted. I was thankful to be walking hand in hand with my husband fulfilling a life long dream. I was thankful for amazing friends to be sharing this experience with. It was a great day for me and I thank the Lord for it.

The Barlows are wonderful friends. We have such a great time fellowshipping with them. The laughter is endless and the encouragement is appreciated and their friendship is invaluable. I am so blessed to have Krista near. It's crazy how much her and I are exactly alike. We find ourselves with the same burdens, same heartache, same struggles, same feelings and a very common bond that neither of us had realized we had in the other. It's so much more than just being a missionary wife that relates. It's everything you can imagine and I am thankful. We spent a few days with them and also went to Lake Bled in Slovenia. It was gorgeous. Anyway here are a few pictures from the few days. The pictures are not in order. In fact, uploading them here was the most frustrating thing I have ever encountered!! There HAS GOT to be an easier way. and if you know it please enlighten me!

My dream vacation home

My favorite picture

Lake Bled, Slovenia

Me & Krista

Bridge of Sighs

Real American food! Complete with French's mustard!!

Something you dont see everyday...look close- it's a casket.

Slovenia, obviously.

Ok, so after viewing my blog I noticed a bunch of pics are missing and I am not redoing them. Therefore, if you want to see some more go here.... Ciao!


Tori said...

Those are really good. I wish I could have seen them all. You and Krista look cute in your glasses.
BTW, I'm so glad that God has given you guys such good friends in the Barlows. God sure is good to even care.
Glad you finally got to grace Venice with your presence.
Miss you all! BTW, Trinity is really tall!

Tori said...

I was going to tell you, I upload a lot of photos to Photo Bucket and then I can grab a code for them all and add the photos all at once. Check it out, it seems much easier for me.
You just have to create a user and them you can use photo bucket. I have had my account there for 7 years.
Anyhow, check it out and see if it works.

Sorry for all the deleted posts, I messed up...twice!

Tina said...

Loved reading this!! The pictures were gorgeous...thanks for your effort!!! lol :)