Sunday, June 5, 2011


Scale was up 1 pound. I think it is broken :) It is not going to derail me though. We had a mini getaway at the beginning of the week and so it is what it is. Looking forward to this week. Got lots going on. Matthew is leaving Tuesday for America. Pray for him...and me! We have 2 girls taken a mission trip here arriving on Thursday and then we have friends from our home church (who since have moved to OK) visiting in 2 weeks and I am really excited to see them! We have a busy month of June ahead and I'm glad. I wish we could just fast forward until September! I hate summer and the heat. I am praying for a mild summer.
Anyway now I think I know how to upload pics with out the hour wait and mess I will try to post more more often. Thanks Tori! I miss you!!


Tori said...

One lb. is great since it was a get-w-way weekend.
So glad your gonna have guests, that'll be really fun. Enjoy it and don't worry about Matthew, he'll be fine!
Love ya

Anonymous said...

Have fun with all your guests, I wish I could be one of them! :) We will pray for Matthew and his safety/fun. Take care lady!! Damara