Friday, April 22, 2011

Jelly beans & ice cream

It has felt like a very long week! Perhaps my strict eating this week has made it drag, I don't know but I am glad it's Saturday!

We did some re-arranging in my house. We had an office that doubles as my exercise room and it is pretty big...alot of wasted space. SO we moved everything out of there and put the boys in there since it is the biggest room, I think. Then we moved Trin into the boys old room and alas put the office in Trin's old room. It took almost all day yesterday, but I still managed to get my 4-mile walk in!

My water intake remains the same and I don't expect this to change. I love, love, love my ice cold water and never go anywhere without it! 5 weeks and still coke-free. I have only really wanted it once, but I talked myself out of it and I am glad I did!

This week my bike miles were down because of yesterday's move and on Tuesday we went picnicing at Trakošćen ( a really old castle). The weather has been perfect lately and I really have a new found love of Springtime.

So this week I biked 18 miles
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I walked 20 miles
LilySlim Fitness goals tickers

I did 4 days of the bar method. And I had a calorie deficit of 8700 calories for M-F. What does that mean?? That means in 5 days I burned 8700 calories more than I ate. How dod I know this?? Well my bodybugg tells me and this thing is my number one competitor! I love beating it and staying within my goals, so with that being said.....

My weight is down 5 more pounds!
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And I have lost 6 inches total
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My fave meal of this week was my fajita chicken, sans the tortilla, with peppers and onions and spicy black bean soup on the side. This meal packs less than 500 calories and is super filling and way delicious.

I feel great every way possible! I feel strong and triumphant. I have successfully (with the exception of 10 jelly beans and about 20 little robins eggs things) managed to stay far away from the American Easter candy. I have successfully managed to stay away from those little devil ice cream cones- including a 16 person ice cream fellowship at McD's where I sat and ate an apple and drank a bottle of water. I read somewhere, a quote for weight loss and I have borrowed it to use as my mantra. "Nothing tastes as good as being thin feels."

With that I am off to the open market. Last week I found fresh dill and beautiful strawberries for pretty cheap and they were wonderful!


Tori said...

Wow, you're doing awesome!!! I'm so proud of you.

The picnic sounds like so much fun. I love Trakoscan. Did you guys go alone?

BTW, the change in the house sounds like a great idea. I'm sure the boys loved it too.

Anyhow, we're headed to Paris tomorrow for a meeting. I'm so glad we;re back in TX for a while, I'm pooped!!

Anyhow, hope you have a wonderful Lord's Day!!

hannah2011 said...