Sunday, March 6, 2011

A picture is worth a thousand emotions...

As I am trying to dejunktify my life, I thought its about time to put the rest of my pics in albums. Now these pictures are oooooooold! Since the digital age most of my pics are stored in my computer(hope it never crashes) but back from like 8 years and longer I have boxes FULL of pictures that never made it to any photo album.

So as I sat on the floor reminiscing and sticking my photos haphazardly in the slots, floods of memories filled my soul. I laughed at goofy pics of the kids as LITTLE kids,,like Matthew had no teeth...LOL! And Xavier always had a tear-stained face and well the pics of Trin when she was 3 days old looked like she was beat with a bat...poor thing!!! hehe And I felt anger at the pics of myself as a very 'thin' me. :-).

Then the tears flowed like rain as I came across pics of my mom. Pics of my mom with my kids. Pics of me and her together. I was so overcome with sadness and emptiness as I thought about how much I miss her and how much she has missed in our lives. Her smile lit up the room , yet her stares can freeze you in your tracks. Her yell would bring down the house, yet her love could melt stone. She was a like stick of dynamite, yet gentle as a flower. And I miss her so very, very much. Some days I dont think twice about her and on some days yearn so much to hear her laugh, that I think I could really die of heartache. I really wish she was still around but I am so glad I have the pictures and the memories and all that is stored in my heart.

So for now I put my boxes away and think I will someday get around to putting all them in a book. I guess this is why they still sit in a box cause everytime I try I end up putting them away till some other day.

Someday...yes, someday.

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Tori said...

I guess memories are good and bad. I'm glad you have so many pictures of your mom. I'm sure your kids will treasure them one day when they tell their kids about their grandma.

I've been thinking about starting to print all my pictures that I have on my computer so I can have hard copies. If you think the next generation will have nothing if we eve lose these computers.
I'm thinking about it anyway! :0)

I'll put that in the list of my other undone projects!