Thursday, May 20, 2010

A reminder

While I was cleaning my room this morning I was listening to my fave online radio at Lancaster Baptist Church. Anyway one of my favorite songs came on and gave me a swift kick in the behind which is what I needed! Sometimes I get discouraged and start to grumble about things I think I am missing out on, which, by the way, isnt anything! When I take my eyes off of God for a split second the devil loves to take that opportunity to whisper nonsense. Its a battle everyday to not live in the flesh and throw a grand pity party for myself. So I have posted the lyrics to the song. If you have never listened to before you are missing out. Its a reminder of God's will and purpose for my life that He purchased by the shedding of His precious blood.

Bury My Heart
A young girl weeps in a far distant land
She has no one to show her God's love.
No mother or father to wipe away her tears
She cries out in the night alone.

Bury my heart on the mission field, Lord
I'll go to dry that young girl's tears
I'll serve you no matter where the path may lead
Lord, please bury my heart

A mother grieves for her starving child;
She has no shelter from the cold
Earthly provisions will ease their suffering,
But who will feed their empty souls?

Bury my heart on the mission field Lord
I'll give the Gospel to the suffering ones
I'll go wherever you want me to go
Lord, please bury my heart

Will you ignore these lost souls in the night?
Can you hear their pleading cries?
They're begging for someone to show them the way;
We must go before another one dies.

Bury my heart on the mission field, Lord
These distant voices won't fade away
I'll do Your will whatever the cost
Lord, please bury my heart

I'll do Your will no matter the cost
Lord, please bury my heart
Lord, I give you my heart


Tori said...

I really love this song! It has meant a lot to me through the last 12 years and is a "swift kick" when needed.
Thanks for posting the lyrics, beautiful!

Gail said...

I've never heard this song, but I can imagine from the words, that it is beautiful, and that it would be great for a Missions Conference. Gail

Anonymous said...

This is my favorite song... I ask the same thing to God... "To bury my heart in the mission field"..

hannah2011 said...

Hey Mrs.Traci It's Hannah Leslie.
I have blog Now!!!
This song is beautiful....although my
my brothers insist on renaming it "Bury Our Sister On The Mission Field Lord!!!"
I Wonder Why!!!!!