Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Ok, I know HATE is a strong word. I also know you are not supposed to hate anything, but I stand firm on my pure disdain of my scale. Yes, it is the little box of demonic numbers that sit on my bathroom floor that has got me all in a tizzy. I find myself always coming back to rant on food or to psych myself up for exercise or to detail another painfully boring diet. Wanna know why? Because it consumes me and takes up my life and I am so sick of it! It is the first thing on my mind in the morning. It is in my thoughts ALL . DAY . LONG and it the last thing I think about as I attempt to drift off to dreamland, where no doubt, visions of sugarplums (and ice cream) are dancing about!
I diet, I exercise, I lose. I eat, I gain. I diet, I lose. I eat, I gain. And so goes the days in the week...the weeks in the month...the months in the year. Time passes, seasons change but you know what remains the same? THE STINKIN SCALE!
Now, if you will excuse me and my outburst, I must go chomp on some carrot sticks!


Tori said...

Hang in there girl!! You can do this, stick with it and give that scale a big kick in the teeth!

Connie said...

God bless you . . . I've been there and done that. Weight has always been an issue for both my husband and I. Last year we joined Weight Watchers and it has really helped to journal your food and to be accountable to having someone else weigh us each week. Together we have lost around a 120 pounds in the last year. Then we stopping journaling our food and I'm up 5 pounds . . . this time I am not going to gain it back. So, yesterday, I started writing down my intake again. For some of us, it is a life long battle . . . but we can do it. I'll put you in my prayers. Your newest follower, Connie :)