Sunday, October 9, 2011

Playing Catch-up!

Its going into the third week of October and I am still trying to figure out what happened to September?! It is usually my most favorite month, but it whizzed by in such a hurry that I am still a little mad at it :)

Well where to start?? Another mission trip for a woman named Melissa. She came to visit Croatia for about 10 days and will be returning to Croatia in about a year. Yay for more workers!

A visit from my mother-in-law. We kept her visit a surprise and the kids had no idea. When they saw her they screamed and Trinity cried. It was priceless and guess who forgot to hit the record button? Yep- yours truly. If you know me well though, this shouldn't come as a surprise. While she was here, we took a small tour of Italy. We went to Pisa, Rome, Lake Garda and Venice. It was a fantastic time and if you remember my love-at-first-sight for Venice, I am here to tell you it has been replaced. Rome now has my affection and I CAN.NOT.WAIT for the day I can return. I loved everything about it... except the gaudy half broken sometime naked statues in the Vatican. Gag. The food, the buildings, the history, the people, the charm--I did not want to leave , but it sure was great to be back home sleeping in my own bed.

School. Oh wonderful school. How I love thee. Riiiiight! The school room is done and I can honestly say it is a tremendous help to have. Scott seems to get more done in his little world and we are technically out of the house so it is working fabulous for us. It does look a little blah being all white, but who cares? Not really the best picture, but you get the idea :) Promise I will take more when I get more stuff on the walls!

Anyway now that it is getting colder, and the days are seeming shorter and it has been such a whirlwind of a summer- I can honestly say I am slightly looking forward to the 'life stops days of winter' complete with cozy sweat pants, fuzzy socks and large mugs of hot coco!

So that's life today and for the past-- oh I don't know 40 days?!?! Lots to look forward to in the coming days!

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Anonymous said...

Curious, did you walk around Rome with flip-flops on? My feet are aching just thinking of that! You are getting to do some of the things that I wish I could do and Italy is one of many stops on my 'dream' vacation.

Love the school room! God bless you guys.