Sunday, August 7, 2011

Alot at stake!!

So our Biggest Loser Challenge (BLC) officially starts today. We both weighed in and measured and I am excited for this friendly competition with my husband, however, the stakes are very high. You see we have an small ongoing feud between us about the whole set up of our living room/dining room/great room- whatever you want to call it. For almost a year and half we had it set a certain way. You had to walk through the back of the LR to get to our DR table. I HATED it. Too add to the woes - not-so centered in the middle of this giant multi-purposed room is a column that just messes everything up. It doesn't help that our furniture is big enough to accommodate Goliath either! I switched the entire space room around a few months ago and love it how it is. He hates it. There goes the peace :)
Yesterday morning while we were getting ready for church he says "I know what I want if I win our BLC" Really? What is it? "I want to switch the LR back the way we had and leave it like that" ACK!! No way- was my response! Too bad for me, it's what he wanted. SO I thought for a few minutes and countered with this..." Ok, if I win then, the room stays how it is UNTIL we move and I don't want to hear a thing about it again! ACK! was his response. hehe-- Little did he know I was pretty much banking on winning and what I wanted was for him to cook me dinner one night. Not some hot dogs on the grill with chips , but a real meal like I cook him every night.

But the war is on and now driving me even harder to win this thing is the knowledge that I stand to lose my cozy living area the way I love it. All I can say is he better bring it cause--- IT'S ON NOW!!!
Whisper a prayer of victory for me please- for the sake of my living room !!


Traci said...

Your going to Lose Baby!!!

Anonymous said...

I will say a prayer that you kick his butt! Good luck Girl Friend! Love you! Oh and I agree with Chellsea, if you win, you come to NJ! :-)

Anonymous said...

You go, girl!! I am pulling for you. Damara

Tisa Damron said...

Will be cheering you on!